My book tour continues this week with appearances at The Book Cellar in Brattleboro, Vermont on Thursday night at 7:00 and at Water Street Books in Essex, New Hampshire on Saturday night at 7:00.

I’ve been guest blogging about book tours on Water Street’s blog, which you can read about here.  My final post in the three-part series goes up this week.

The following week I will be in New York City, appearing at Posman Books in Chelsea Market on Tuesday, August 24 at 7:00 and Wednesday, August 25 at WORD in Brooklyn at 7:30.

Information on my WORD appearance ran in New York Magazine and in Time Out New York this week, both of which gave me a minor thrill.

Also, the first line of UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO was chosen by The Financial Post as their Opening Line of the Week.  It reads:

The moment that Milo Slade had attempted to avoid for nearly his entire life finally arrived under the sodium glow of a parking lot fluorescent at a Burger King just south of Washington, D.C., along Interstate 95.

Following today’s New York Times book Review write-up, all of this has made for an exciting week.