A little baby becomes a little kid

I write a daily blog directed to my daughter that I began on the day we learned that Elysha was pregnant. Recently, I wrote a post that garnered some attention from readers, and a few emailed me and suggested that I post it here as well, since this is where most of my readers and followers typically land.

Here it is:


I still think of you as my little baby, little one.

But sometimes I look at you, like in these photos that Mommy took yesterday, and I think that you’re already a little kid, and that my little baby is fading into the past.

There’s nothing better than watching you learn something new, and I love to listen as you speak in babbles and words and bits of words, but part of me is still clinging to your babyhood.  I’m holding on with all my might to that blessed time of life when you are all ours, before we are forced to watch you step into the world as a human being.

Those days are coming to an end.  I can feel it.  You’re spending your mornings and afternoons at school, making new friends and falling in love with your teachers.  We are sharing you with the world now, and while the world is the better for it, Mommy and I are not.

We’re selfish.  We want you all to ourselves, Clara.

But I’ll keep rocking you like a baby whenever you let me and happily changing your diapers for as long as possible.  The past nineteen months have not gone by too fast.

It just turns out that nineteen months is not very long.

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