Confessions of an Elmo addict

Ever since my daughter began watching Sesame Street, I’ve noticed a few things, including the following: 1. I have probably watched a total of three hours of Sesame Street in the last three months, and I use the term watched loosely. I am often folding clothes, brushing me teeth, getting dressed or listening to a podcast while the show is on, and yet I feel I am completely in touch with the show.


2. My wife has an uncommonly strong dislike for the Abby’s Flying Fairy School segment. In fact, she hates it and has tried fast-forwarding past the segment at least once.


3. I find it odd that the show often features guests like Reggie Bush without indicating his name in any way. Many NFL fans would not be able to identify the New Orleans Saints running back without his jersey on, so what chance does the average Sesame Street viewer have in doing so?

Moreover, is Reggie Bush’s presence supposed to appeal to the few NFL fans who might recognize him? Will hardcore football fans find his performance on Sesame Street enough to keep them coming back for more?

Not me. And not likely.

4. Elmo is shockingly compelling. His enthusiasm is infectious.  His zest for life is enthralling. His vim and vigor are to be admired and emulated. Elmo finds great joy in hopping on one foot, and I find myself wanting to hop on one foot as well, in hopes of experiencing even a modicum of the happiness and excitement that he garners from the hops.

I want to be Elmo’s friend.

Desperately so.