She is much too thin

This past week I heard no less than four women complain about another woman being too thin. They reminded me of New Yorker writer Ariel Levy mentioning Cindy McCain’s size zero in her litany of Cindy McCain faults during an interview about an article she wrote a couple years ago. “She has been taught her whole life to be the little woman. She was a beauty queen. It was her job to be docile. Pretty. Really, really skinny. Remember, she’s a size zero. That’s a thin woman.”

Cindy McCain’s dress size had nothing to do with her ability to function as First Lady, yet Levy, a well-known feminist, brought it up in the interview anyway.

cartoon scale

Ladies, could you please stop tearing down one another based upon physical appearance, particularly when it comes to a woman’s weight, and especially in regards to women being too thin.

Let’s face it: If a woman is too thin, she’s either:

Super healthy Genetically gifted Sick Obscenely self-conscious Borderline anorexic Already suffering from an eating disorder Some combination of the above

None of these seem reason enough to insult the person.

More important, every time a woman complains that another woman is too thin, the one doing the complaining always comes across as petty, jealous, stupid, insensitive and/or mean.

Every time without exception.

You’re also further undermining women in general.

Open your mouth and complain about a woman being too thin, and you are nothing more than a mean bitch.