The Internet is not always necessary

While in the vet’s office, I noticed a sign that read: For your convenience we are now online at

While I appreciate the effort, I’m not sure how an online presence makes a veterinarian more convenient. Perhaps if I could schedule appointments online, that might be good, but no, this is not one of their offerings.

Sure, they list their hours of operation, but my vet is a 24-hour emergency care facility, which means that they are always open, no matter the time. I once brought my dog in at 3:00 AM.

Apparently there are employment opportunities at the location, but how many people bring their pet in for a checkup, hoping to land a job as well?

And yes, there’s even a place to upload photos of my pet, but this can hardly be termed convenient.

When I can schedule an appointment online, find some ideas on how to get the cat to shut up at night, or arrange for a staff member to administer Kaleigh’s eye drops each day, I’ll be impressed.