I'm afraid that I will someday be an unwanted wedding guest

Yesterday friends of mine attended the wedding of their friend’s daughter. While it was nice of them to go and certainly an honor to be invited, I suddenly find myself terrified that all of my friends will one day invite me to the weddings of their children.

How dreadful.

unwanted wedding guest

While I’m certain that these parties would be great fun (provided that they are scheduled with careful consideration for the NFL schedule), it pains me to think how these poor children might be forced to add their parents’ friends to the guest lists when they can barely find room for their own friends and family.

How awful it would be to know that a bride or groom had to exclude an actual friend from the guest list because one of my friends insisted on inviting their twenty closest friends to the wedding, regardless of whether or not these friends meant anything to their kids.

While I am certain that some of these children would invite us anyway (my friend’s four-year old twin boys would undoubtedly invite Elysha and probably hit on her in the process), it would sadden me to think that any child would be asked or required by their parents to invite us.

Particularly if the Patriots are playing that day.