Do vegans force their pets and children to be vegans, too?

I find veganism fascinating, particularly when it is practiced for ethical reasons. The morality behind avoiding meat raises so many interesting questions. For example: Do ethical vegans force their pets into veganism as well?

Is a vegan’s dog not allowed to eat dog food containing rabbit, chicken or turkey?

Are the cats of vegans discouraged from hunting mice?

Is a boa constrictor owned by a vegan not fed rats?

Why might there be a distinction between the ethics of food when it comes to humans and pets? And is it ethical to alter an animal’s natural diet based upon your personal beliefs?

vegan cat

Also, is it ethical to impose your vegan beliefs on their children?

Should a person’s eating habits be defined by their parent’s sense of morality and their disregard for the presence of incisors in their child’s mouth?

I guess that if you believe that imposing religious beliefs on children is ethical, vegan beliefs could be viewed in a similar light. Yet there seems something less diabolical in a vegan stuffing green beans down their child’s throat than a parent stuffing the homophobic belief of a 2,000 year old desert-dwelling God into a child’s impressionable mind.