Defeated by the elderly

In a follow-up to the post about my lack of cultural awareness comes this evening’s revelation that my wife’s 88-year-old grandmother is more culturally aware than either one of us. 

On our way home from dinner, she began discussing the television show Two and a Half Men, mentioning that the lead actor ran into some trouble this week.   

Apparently he was prominently featured in the news for an alcoholic tirade in a hotel room.

I did not know who the lead actor was, and neither my wife nor I knew anything about the trouble that he had gotten into this week. 

Adding insult to injury, apparently this television show has been on the air for about a decade and my wife and I know nothing about it. 

Again, I ask:

Should we be watching a little more television if only to be aware enough to remain in the mainstream conversation?

When an 88-year-old is more culturally aware than me, I start to wonder.