I constantly dream about the apocalypse. Is this normal?

A friend of mine recently expressed concern when I told her that I dream about the apocalypse a couple of times a week. But it’s not always nuclear holocaust that fills my dreams. Giant asteroids, air-born plagues, alien invaders and zombie infestation are just a few of the horrors that fill my sleepy time.

It’s not like I’m fixated on one specific method of worldly destruction.


Then there are the personal apocalypses as well, which are actually far more common:

Home invasion, armed robbery, airplane crashes, swarms of killer bees.

I spend many of my evenings struggling to stay alive.

It's not the best way to spend a night in bed, but it certainly makes sleepy time more exciting. I also like to think that my nightly experiences with these disasters prepare me for their eventuality, as this video does so well: