Anatomy of a toddler’s conversation

This just happened a minute ago.  I transcribed it word for word.


Clara (enters room):  Uh oh.

Mommy:  Uh oh what?

Clara:  Uh oh Clara.

Mommy: Why oh oh?

Clara:  I fell.

Mommy:  You did?

Clara:  Yeah.

Mommy and Daddy:  Are you okay?

Clara:  Yeah.

Daddy:  Where did you hurt yourself?

Clara:  Head.

Mommy:  Where?

(Clara touches forehead)

Mommy:  You want a snuggle?

Clara:  Yes.

(Mommy and Clara snuggle)

Clara (30 seconds later):  Alright!


This ability-to-communicate-in-words thing is pretty cool.