Jewish infiltration at the North Pole, perhaps?

My daughter, Clara, and I spent part of Christmas day watching the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special. My wife is Jewish.

I celebrate all holidays involving anthropomorphic creatures and gift-giving.

As a result, our children receive a mixed-bag when it comes to holiday celebrations.

I think it’s great. The best of both worlds.

My wife grew up in a Jewish household, so she is quite young in Christmas years and has no understanding of the fundamental importance of these stop-motion animation Christmas specials.

I’m happy to be passing the tradition onto Clara.

With all this in mind, I found myself with a new perspective as I watched Rudolph for perhaps the two-hundredth time.

Specifically, I had an insight on Hermey, the Christmas elf:


Hermey is a self-described misfit who prefers studying dentistry to making toys. Abandoning Santa's workshop, Hermey runs away, leaving Santa Clause and Christmas behind.

Rejects Santa Claus and Christmas?

Chooses dental school over the toy industry?

Jewish, perhaps?