Equality not always advisable

Sometimes women take equality a little too far. In November, men are encouraged to grow mustaches in order to raise awareness of prostate cancer, thus dubbing the month Movember.

Not to be outdone, December has now been declared "Decembrow" by the feminist-oriented website Feministing. Women are encouraged to grow out their eyebrows to the point where they connect in the middle or to “use an herbal remedy or a pencil to fake it” in order to raise money for a cause of their choice.

There is so many things wrong with this idea.

First, a cause of their choice? The lack of a unified effort in regards to a specific cause gives this the impression of a bunch of women who are desperate to play the same game as their male counterparts but without the actual desire, organization or ability to do so.

Hey! No fair! We want to play, too! 

Feministing actually states that Movember “has heretofore been lacking in opportunities for women who have trouble growing mustaches to get involved.”

Lacking in opportunities?

Trouble growing mustaches?

I always thought that it was trouble for women who grew mustaches. Don’t women who are genetically inclined to facial hair spend countless hours ridding themselves of their unwanted whiskers?

I would hardly consider an inability to grow a mustache as a lack of opportunity or troubling for anyone.

Especially women.

And whether or not you are a fan of the mustache, a man sporting a mustache does not stand out in a crowd. It is hardly considered an eyesore.

Walking around looking like Frida Kahlo, however, is certain to draw some negative attention.

How about this? Rather than raising money by growing a uni-brow, women could instead collect extortion money from men by agreeing not to grow a uni-brow.

The threat of having to spend a month starting at a co-worker’s single eyebrow is probably enough to convince to me to kick $20 for whatever charity she have deemed worthy.

Ladies, it’s sometimes okay to let the boys play their games and not feel excluded when you can’t play as well.