I probably like this a lot more than I should

My wife and I have a fairly progressive policy on the giving of holiday cards. Our card is always late and always digital.

While we adore receiving Christmas cards from our friends and family, we simply cannot muster the energy or organization needed to physically mail cards to our friends.

Instead, Elysha creates something magnificent in Photoshop, and we email it to our friends sometime in January.

In 2008 here was what we sent to friends:


While this “digital and always late” policy may strike you as inefficient and unimpressive, I always like to remind people that our holiday cards are much better for the environment than the traditional kind, and our card arrives at a time after all the other holiday cards have come and gone.

Therefore, our holiday card has a singular moment in the sun.

As creative as Elysha’s cards always are, they pale in comparison to this year’s holiday greeting from Jabba the Hutt: