What will your last words be? Are you prepared?

Richard Holbrook, American diplomat and primary architect of the Dayton Peace Accords, died following emergency heart surgery. He was serving as a special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan at the time of his death. His last words:

“You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan.”


This story got me thinking about my possible last words, because one can never be too prepared. While I admittedly have no intention of ever dying, it’s at least a worthy mental exercise.

Considering my heart and respiration have stopped twice, it seems prudent.

So my possible last words include:

  • One consolation: With my death, my enemies will now be burdened with idle hands to match their idle minds.
  • Don’t let anyone fool you. Death is hardest on the dead.
  • Please serve macaroni and cheese with hot dogs at the wake.

Opinions? Revisions? Additions?

I recently dreamt that a nuclear bomb detonated within miles of my home, and as the shock wave approached that would most assuredly kill me, I looked to the sky and shouted, “Goodbye world! This really sucks!”

See what I mean? Preparation is important or you end up sounding stupid.