It's the little things that make me feel the most stupid

There are many little things that I cannot do that make me feel stupid. After returning home around 3:00 AM from the Patriots Monday night football game, I found the battery in my car dead. While I know how to jump-start a car and had the cables to do so, I could not open the hood of my car.

Try as I might, I can never find the damn latch. And even though my friend, Scott, was also unable to find the latch a couple years ago, I still felt exceedingly stupid when I had to ask Shep to open the hood for me last night.

This is just one of many small tasks that I am unable to complete.

I cannot sharpen a pencil with a non-electrical sharpener.

I cannot throw a baseball with any degree of effectiveness.

I cannot snap my children's pajamas closed without mixing up the snaps.

I cannot determine the ripeness of an avocado.

I cannot change the oil in my car.

I cannot remember how old I am without doing the subtraction.

I cannot fold a fitted sheet.

Perhaps until now.