Arizona shooting recap

Just for the record: 1. I do not blame Sarah Palin for the attempted assassination in Arizona.

2. I think that Sarah Palin’s gun sight website was incredibly stupid, dangerous and represented an astounding lack of insight and wisdom on her part.

3. Sarah Palin’s decision to remove the website shortly after the shooting demonstrated her agreement with at least parts of my previous statement, but also served as an indication of her unwillingness to stand behind a position that she fervently defended for more than a year.

4. The removal of her gun sight website also reflected a fundamental lack of understanding about the Internet. Removing a website from the Internet in no way removes a website from the Internet. Doing so only implies culpability and brings more attention to it.

5.  I actually support a surprising number of conservative ideals, but it is people like Sarah Palin and idiotic nonsense like this that continue to drive me farther and farther away from the Republican party.

6.  Palin’s “blood libel” video was reprehensible. It is chock full of trite Patriotism and a mish-mash of misplaced religious symbolism while failing to explain why she removed her sniper scope website an hour after the shooting.

And she has yet to agree to an actual interview from any print or media outlet.

And she reads her remarks rather poorly at times as well, not seeming to know where to pause.

I know that’s nitpicking, but c’mon.

7.  And for those who are not on Twitter, this tweet has become a “Top Tweet” for what I believe are obvious and incredibly salient reasons:

Sarah Palin Is Feeling Unjustly Blamed ...