Do she not speak good on purpose?

I liked this paragraph from a piece in The Economist a lot:

It's not exactly a surprise that Mrs Palin uses the English language the way most people do: confusingly. This is part of her demotic charm. At critical moments, she has an uncanny, or perhaps very canny, ability to say precisely the wrong thing, or a strangely garbled version of the commonplace thing, in a way that makes a significant segment of the population sympathise with her because they might have done the same. And after all, linguistic mistakes are a relative concept; the people who made the Great Vowel Shift happen did so by speaking "incorrectly", and in a hundred years our progeny may all be speaking more like Mrs Palin, as disturbing as some of us may find that prospect.

Canny or uncanny?

Based upon everything we’ve seen so far, probably uncanny.

She’s either a Machiavellian linguistic mastermind who bounced around six colleges over a period of five years before receiving a Bachelor’s in Communications or she is exactly what she appears to be.

Either way, if any of my progeny end up speaking like her, this progenitor is going to kick their ass.