Home for the day

I was home on Wednesday. Clara was sick (ear and sinus infection), and having already stayed home at least three times this year for Clara’s illnesses and doctor’s appointments, Elysha and I figured that I should take a turn. It was an odd day. I have never spent the day at home before without actually being sick, so I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty knowing my students were working and I was not with them.

I spent much of the morning mentally following their schedule, wondering if everyone was receiving the help and support they needed, and hoping that my occasionally-less-than-angelic students were behaving well.

It proved to be a productive day, however. In addition to taking down the Christmas tree, I managed to get a little writing done as I sat alongside Clara, who worked on a creation of her own.

It was probably my favorite moment of the day. We were sitting alongside one another for at least 30 minutes, listening to The Beatles and working on our own projects.

The hat was Clara’s idea.

image image

Later on that night, Elysha and I repeated this process as we sat across from one another at the same table. I was still working on my book and Elysha was cursing the sewing machine as she attempted to create a gift from one her friend’s sons.

We don’t watch a lot of television in our house, and this is why. We are too busy with other things.

Other highlights from the day included the moment after lunch when Clara walked over to the staircase, pointed upward and said, “Nap.”

And I will admit that I also took great pleasure in cleaning the house.  Sweeping the floors, putting away the laundry, organizing the toys, filing away the bills, doing the dishes. I love my job as an elementary school teacher, but I think I would make a damn fine stay-at-home dad and be perfectly happy taking care of the household chores.

We might eat a lot of macaroni and cheese, and all the whites might eventually end up pink, but the house would be clean and Clara would be well cared for.