I am at a loss for words. I simply cannot believe what I have just seen.

I cannot believe what I just saw.

Did you watch the State of the Union speech on Tuesday?

Do you remember President Obama’s well received jokes regarding airport pat-downs and smoked salmon?

These jokes got laughs. The salmon joke got a lot of laughs.

Here is video of the salmon joke from the speech:

And here is Fox News’s redubbing of the speech, minus the laughs (and with the added sound of crickets where the laughs once were), all done in order to criticize the President’s jokes for falling flat. 

I honestly cannot believe what I just saw.

Did Fox News think that people who watched the speech wouldn’t remember the laughs that the President’s jokes got?

Was this deliberate alternation of the video worth the ten minutes of conversation that Fox and Friends had?

Did Fox News believe that this misrepresentation of the State of the Union address would damage President Obama’s chances for leading effectively and getting reelected?

Was it worth what little reputation they have left?

When are the adults going to return to broadcasting?