I cannot do business with someone who exhibits such questionable decision making

I was approached by a guy at the bridal show today who was wearing a New York Yankees cap. He wanted to know a little bit more about my DJ company. “I’m a Yankees fan too,” I proclaimed, pointing to his cap, hoping to win him over. “What do you think about the Soriano signing?”

“Oh, I’m not a Yankees fan,” he said. “I don’t watch sports.  Someone gave this to me as a gift.”


Who gives a guy who doesn’t watch sports a team-specific baseball hat?

More importantly, who walks around with a Yankees cap on his head if he doesn’t like the team or baseball in general?

Who wears the logo of any organization that he cannot claim a modicum of allegiance?

I instantly proceeded to undersell myself to him. Based upon his inexplicable and possibly insane decision making regarding his hat, I was concerned that his decisions related to the wedding would be equally atrocious.