I have apparently married a rock star.

My wife’s birthday is today.  In the past 48 hours, she has received:

  • More than 100 posts to her Facebook wall wishing her a happy birthday
  • A dozen or so cards through the mail
  • A number of texts wishing her a happy birthday, including one from a former student
  • Half a dozen phone calls doing the same

In that same period of time, I have received:

  • Three texts telling me to wish her a happy birthday
  • One instant message regarding a possible birthday gift for her
  • A sternly written email warning that I “Best be taking very good care of your lovely wife today!”
  • A text from a friend who was equally astonished with the outpouring of Facebook birthday love that she has received

And this isn’t even a milestone birthday for her.

I’ve always known that my wife is is loved by all, but this is getting a little out of hand.

It leaves me with two questions:

1.  How did I ever manage to marry this person? Seriously. I suspect that many of her friends and family often wonder the same thing.

There are these moments (more frequent than you might guess) when I look upon my wife and no longer see Elysha Dicks. Instead, I see Elysha Green, that beautiful, funny, clever woman who I could never hope to marry.

I call them Elysha Green Moments, and they literally take my breath away.

2.  What kind of outpouring will I receive in a month when I celebrate my 40th birthday?

I’m guessing not nearly as much.