Old school verbiage in new school scenarios

Heather Carreiro wrote a post entitled 20 Obsolete English Words that Should Make a Comeback, and while I don’t think that all of them are worthy of my time, a few struck me as amusing and potentially useful enough to try to bring back. Here are my top 3:

3. Corrade

Verb trans. – “To scrape together; to gather together from various sources”

I’m sure this wasn’t the original meaning of the word, but when I read the definition I immediately thought of copying and pasting from a variety of Internet sources. Any English teacher can picture what a corraded assignment looks like.


4. Kench

Verb intr. – “To laugh loudly”

This Middle English word would do well in describing the times when you inadvertently laugh out loud while reading a text message in a public setting  and manage to thoroughly embarrass yourself.

10. Freck

Verb intr. – “To move swiftly or nimbly”

I can think of a lot of ways to use this one, like “I hate it when I’m frecking through the airport and other people are going so slow.”