Only idiots on the roads

When I left at 7:30 this morning, my street was not plowed. The cross street was not plowed.

I had to drive to three different McDonald’s and two Dunkin Donuts to find the requisite Egg McMuffin for me and coffee for my wife.

The first two McDonald’s and first Dunkin’ Donuts that I came upon were closed.

The gym was closed.

I was on the roads for 45 minutes, including a brief, three exit stint on Interstate 84, and other than snow plows, I saw a total of six vehicles that were not spun out or otherwise disabled by accident.


Two did not belong on the road and were probably buried in snow banks shortly after I left them in my wake.

I usually enjoy driving in the snow despite an accident that nearly took my life.  There are few people on the roads during a storm, and my willingness to drive in hazardous conditions increases the self-perception of my manhood.

But today was the exception.

It was not good.

With that said, I am off again in a few minutes. Hopefully the bank and the gym are open by now even though the snow continues to fall at a surprisingly rapid clip.

I’ve had my snow day already. This seems like overkill.