5 bits of podcasting advice from a professional podcast listener

After thousands of hours of podcast listening, I have come up with a short list of advice for podcasters everywhere. What All Podcasters Should Keep in Mind Prior to Recording

1. We don’t care where you record your podcast or the current weather conditions in that locale.

2. We don’t care about any glitches or technical snafus that took place prior to recording. Pretend like they never happened.

3. We don’t care about the temperature or any other atmospheric conditions in the room in which you are recording.

4. We don’t care about how tired, sick or jet lagged your may be, especially if you have just finished vacationing somewhere or attending a conference that your listeners would have enjoyed attending as well.

5. We don’t care if you have an advertisement embedded in your podcast as long as you don’t continue to talk about the advertisement after is has run.