Snob magazine

When I heard that Snob magazine was hitting newsstands in December, I was thrilled. What better way to tell a person that he or she is an unlikeable, unjustifiable elitist than by sending them a subscription to Snob Magazine?

I instantly had two or three recipients in mind.

Of course, the one caveat would be that the I could not send the magazine anonymously. The first issue of the magazine would need to be accompanied by a card clearly indicating that I was the sender.

To hide behind the mask of anonymity in a case like this would be cowardly and despicable.

Years ago one of my friends had a book on manners and etiquette sent to his house anonymously as a means of sending him the message that someone in his life did not think him very polite.

Thankfully, the idiot sender left the receipt inside the book, and since he had paid with a credit card, his name was printed alongside the price of the book, thus allowing my friend to confront his attacker face-to-face.

This should be the fate of every coward who uses anonymity when attacking another person.

While attaching a calling card to the first issue of the magazine would make the prank slightly less palatable, I would still do it in at least one case.

It would be too apropos to pass up.

Then I discovered that Snob is a Russian language magazine.

It almost makes me want to find a Russian speaking friend, snob or otherwise.

The idea is just too good to pass up.