So stupid it wouldn’t make for bad fiction

The fact that one of the Democrats who Sarah Palin targeted on her website with the crosshairs of a sniper rifle was shot in the head today is unbelievable. It’s like bad fiction.

Add to this Rep. Giffords’s prescient warning that there are consequences for placing crosshairs of a gun sight over certain political districts and the story becomes utterly unbelievable.

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Had I tried to write this plotline into one of my novels, my agent would have sent me an email along these lines: ____________________________

Dear Matt,

I’ve read your manuscript and have a few questions about the plotline involving your portrayal of the lunatic former Republican VP candidate:

1.  Why would former Vice Presidential candidate be stupid enough to create such a moronic and potentially inflammatory website?

2.  Why wouldn’t she take the website down after receiving enormous pressure from both sides of the aisle?

3,  Why would she then be foolish enough to acknowledge her own stupidity (and possible culpability) by taking down the site immediately following the shooting of one of her cross-haired targets?

4.  What are the chances that the victim of the shooting would have so conveniently and so level-headedly discussed the issue of political violence and addressed the website specifically in an interview prior to the shooting.

None of this is believable in the least, Matt. Start over.


Taryn ____________________________

My thoughts, of course, go out to the victims of this tragic event.