Too much is worse than too little

A few admittedly questionable comments on sleep: Is it wrong for me to lose a little respect for my daughter every time she sleeps more than twelve hours in a given night? I feel like she’s sleeping away some of the best times in her life. _____________________________________________

Ever since a friend expressed concern over the frequency with which I dream about the apocalypse, I have been keeping track of the number of nights that I spend struggling to stay alive in my dreams.

In 12 of 14 nights thus far, I have had a dream in which my life was in grave peril.

Is this really abnormal? Perhaps my friend is conveniently forgetting the more nightmarish of his dreams.  _____________________________________________

When you complain that your child won’t sleep through the night while simultaneously expressing a desire to sleep for 10-12 hours every night for the rest of your life, your problem with sleep might be worse than your child’s.