A possible Valentine’s Day treat

I think I’ve found the perfect Valentine’s Day activity for Elysha and me. Memories


Sure, we could eat dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Or I could take her to a movie. Popcorn and hand-holding and such.

Or we could act like those disingenuous, high-minded pontificators who reject Valentine’s Day as a fabricated, commercialized Hallmark holiday under the guise of waiting a day or two in order to purchase roses at a non-inflated price.

You know those people. They say things like, “I don’t need the calendar to tell me to give my wife flowers” and “Our love doesn’t wait for February 14th.”

If I could vomit on command (unlikely since I am vomit-free since 1983), I’d vomit on the shoes of these people whenever they spout such nonsense.

Or Elysha and I could go to White Castle and make a memory that we will never forget.


Valentine’s Day at White Castle.

Could you imagine anything more memorable?

Especially with White Castle’s offer to take our photo so that we can “treasure the memory” forever.