An education to most certainly brag about

Sarah Palin said: "I want the mainstream media, and I've said this for a couple of years now, I want to help 'em. I want—I have a journalism degree, that is what I studied."

—in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Feb. 4, 2011

It is true.

Sarah Palin was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis on journalism, after attending, over a period of five years, the following institutions of higher learning (in this order):

  1. University of Hawaii
  2. Hawaii Pacific University
  3. North Idaho College
  4. University of Idaho
  5. Matanuska-Susitna College
  6. University of Idaho (again)

This may seem like a lot of schools and a variety of degree programs, but fear not. I am quite certain that there was universal alignment in the core curriculum between each of these schools, even though they spanned three different states and are not affiliated with one another in any way.

Even if a person wanted to attend five different schools (including enrolling in one twice) over a period of five years, I am quite certain that a student could ultimately receive a fully cohesive, high quality education in communications and journalism that would most assuredly result in the unimpeachable ability to improve upon mainstream media’s standards and practices.

Given all that we know about Palin so far, I think the quality and depth of education that she received in earning her Bachelor’s degree is fairly evident.

And how generous of her to offer such expertise to help the professionals currently running what she now refers to as the lame-stream media.

Lame-stream media. Hardy har-har. I assume that she learned her flair for hyperbole in college as well.

Or colleges as well.

I’ll grant you that it’s a little odd that Palin is so anxious to help an institution that she insults on an almost daily, but perhaps this is simply an expression of her multi-faceted skill set.

Expertise in journalism beyond reproach, a desire to help her fellow man, and an acerbic wit to rival the best.

A deadly combination.