Not cool. I think. Actually, maybe it’s very cool.

It’s hard to imagine that this was unintentional.  Right?


I’m not sure. 

Subliminal Sex Sells of the Day: And the tradition lives on.

My question is this:

If it is intentional, is it wrong?

If little kids are unable to pick up on the hidden message on a conscious level or even understand its meaning, is this a problem?

My first reaction was less than favorable, but then I remembered that I am the teacher who wants to develop subliminally-based broadcasting software for my classroom Smartboard that flashes messages to my students like:

Work hard.

Mr. Dicks knows all.

Don’t interrupt.

7 x 8 = 56

Homework is cool.

Can I begrudge a film studio’s attempt to make a children's movie more appealing to the adults who have to accompany their kids to the theater?

If intentional, it’s deceitful and and a little crass, but it’s clever, too, and clever usually wins in my book.