Serious customers

There was a woman at the gym today, about eight months pregnant, lifting free weights. While I was impressed with her moxie and determination, I also thought, “There is a  woman I would not want to marry. If she is still lifting weights at eight or maybe even nine months pregnant, she must be a hell of a demanding woman at home.”

Then I hear about marathon runner Stefaan Engels, who set a new world record by completing his 365th marathon of 365 days.

The 49-year old from Belgium finished his final race in Barcelona, Spain on Saturday after running 15,000km (9,569 miles) across seven countries in a year.

I know I’m supposed to be impressed by Engels’ achievement, but instead, I’m just appalled. This seems like sheer lunacy.

Absolute insanity.

I can’t help but think of Engels as a nutcase.

You’ve got to be at least a little bit crazy to be lifting weights at eight months pregnant, and you’ve got to be a lot crazy to run 365 consecutive marathons.

Serious customers is what I call people like this.

Entirely too serious for me.