A contest! With prizes!

I like the word nonetheless a lot. It’s like the Swiss army knife of words. So full. So well equipped. Practically three words in one. This morning I found myself attempting to use the word nonethesame, liking the sound of the word very much but finding my use of it less than adequate.

Then the word nonethemore popped into mind.

Also difficult to use.

And so, a contest!

Propose the best definition of each word, including (and perhaps most importantly) the use of the word in the most clever sentence, and you will receive a signed copy of UNEXEPCTEDLY, MILO and its German translation, 99 SOMMERSPROSSEN.

You must submit a definition and sentence for each word in order to be eligible.

Post your entries here or send them via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Contest ends on March 31.

Good luck!