I’ve had a few readers email me recently inquiring about news of my upcoming book, so I thought I’d offer an update: My third novel, Chicken Shack, which I finished in June of last year, has been slid onto the back burner in favor of my newest book. I was about halfway done with the new book, Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, when my agent decided to bring the partial manuscript with her to the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. She loved what little she had read prior to the trip and wanted to share it with scouts and editors. Thanks to this excellent decision by Taryn, the book gained a great deal of buzz at the fair, even garnering a mention in Publisher’s Weekly.

Since the fair, we have sold the rights to the book in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Belgium, which forced me to bear down and finish the manuscript on a timely basis, which I did last month. A completed manuscript is now in the hands of US and foreign editors for their consideration, and I am now in phone-watching mode, waiting for Taryn to call with more good news.

Though I’m still anxious for Chicken Shack to find its way onto bookshelves soon (it’s odd to be sitting on a completed novel and not doing anything with it), the response to the new book has been extraordinary, making it well worth the wait.

In the meantime, I am currently trying to settle on a new book. I started one, which I like a lot, but I’ve been told (and grudgingly agree) that it wouldn’t make for a good follow-up to Memoirs.

So I tabled that idea and started three other books, including a sequel to Memoirs, in the hopes that one of the stories would take off and assert itself as my next book.

Unfortunately, all three have been chugging along quite well, making the decision on which to write next a difficult one.

And no writer should ever attempt to write three books at the same time. I feel a bit like a philanderer, working on all three at the same time rather than applying all my time and energy to just one. I have always preferred monogamy in all aspects of my life, so this indecision is not sitting well with me.

I have no date on when Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend will be released, but as soon as I know, you will be the first to know.

Thanks as always for your continued interest.