How far does your field of expertise actually stretch?

Since when did meteorologists become the lead experts on earthquakes and tsunamis? 

I just spent my workout at the gym watching the coverage of the Japanese earthquake on CNN, and a meteorologist was repeatedly questioned as if he were an expert on earthquakes and tsunamis.  In one segment a professor of seismology from Purdue found himself sitting alongside a meteorologist, answering questions about subduction zones and the propensity of aftershocks in the coming year. 

And the same thing happened last night on the local news.  For reasons I cannot understand, the meteorologist played a key role in discussing the impact of the earthquake and the subsequent tsunamis in Japan and along the west coast. 

Have I missed something in my understanding on meteorology? 

And turn to the Weather Channel and you will find almost nothing but earthquake and tsunami coverage, with almost nothing centered on any weather-related concerns in Japan or anywhere else.

Thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and now earthquakes?

I don’t get it.