Should the words said by a character in a work of fiction be attributed to the author?

I was quoted again on Twitter this week. From Unexpectedly, Milo came this quote: There are no incomprehensible women. Only ignorant men.

MILO cover final

And while this is indeed a line from the book (I can actually remember writing it), it is not necessarily a belief that I possess.

Which is odd.

Yes, I’m the author of the line, but in reality (or perhaps not in reality), the real author of the line was a character who does not necessarily share my opinion on the matter.

Tricky. Huh?

But if it gets me into Bartlett’s, I don’t care.

In my continued effort to attain an entry in Bartlett's comes my latest quote:

The teacher who assumes that students intrinsically want to learn without any kind of convincing has forgotten what it is like to be a kid or was not the kind of kid who I would have wanted as a friend.