One of those annoying “My daughter is perfection” posts. But the video is damn cute.

Based upon my daughter’s behavior this evening, I suspect that she is vying for a new dollhouse or perhaps an extended bedtime. Clara is playing with her little people. They are spread throughout the living room, which she informed the dog tonight is now her room. Elysha tells her that it’s time for dinner. Without being asked, Clara spends five minutes putting away all of her little people before coming to the dinner table.

This was a first.

After dinner, Clara informs me that she needs a bath.

Elysha is already running the water into the bathtub upstairs.

And then she ends the day by reading Olivia Helps with Christmas to us in what can only be described as one of our proudest parental moments yet.

I might get her the dollhouse, but I’m not budging on the bedtime.