Undies in the mail

I’ve been working on a blog post dealing with productivity and efficiency for the past several days, but it has grown so long that it might make a better book. Sort of a side project. Self-help. A new genre for me.

Like I need another side project.

As my wife said, “Is that really the book you should be writing?”

Well… maybe?

Anyway, in the midst of gathering productivity ideas, I was reminded about the genius of Manpacks.

Manpacks is a company that will ship you fresh underwear every three months. Rather than waiting for my wife to throw away enough of my underwear to make staying in underpants throughout the week a challenge, Manpacks will simply send me fresh pairs four times a year without me ever having to remember.

I am always in favoring of outsourcing, and when the outsourcing can be done without any thought or coordination on my part, that’s just an added bonus.

And if it stops my wife from having to buy me underwear every Christmas, even better.

I only wish I had thought of this idea first.