Can the wisdom of the near-death experience be passed on without the experience itself?

Having survived two near-death experiences and faced death at the end of a gun, I understand Ric Elias’s TED Talk with great precision. I’ve found someone who truly understands how and why I live my life. A near-death experience can be a gift.  It can reconstitute a life and change a person forever.

For me, my near-death experiences represent the defining moments of my life.

They make me who I am.

They are responsible for much of my success.

Thankfully, most people don’t require three near-death experiences in order to learn the lesson.

Ric required just one.

Few understand these lessons intuitively and do not require the cessation of their heart rate or respiration in order to learn them.

But for those that do not, I wonder if it is a lesson than can be learned by listening to a TED Talk. Or to someone like me talk about how my experiences have changed my life.

Can the perspective that Elias and I possess based upon our experiences really be as transformative to people who have not shared a similar experience?

I’m not sure.