My ugly golf swing

My friend, Scott, is an excellent golfer. He hits the links about three times a year, uses the same driver from ninth grade and is quite capable of shooting under 80 on any given day. He’s also an outstanding golf instructor, and in the few times that I have played with him, he has taught me a great deal. His words of advice often echo in my head when I am choosing a club and deciding whether or not to lay up.

He is honest, direct and succinct.

Yesterday he was helping me with my swing. Unable to achieve distance off the tee, I asked him to watch my swing and give me some advice. After a few tee shots, he told me that he thought I was getting as much distance as I could hope for considering my exceptionally short swing.

“Short swing?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I know you had shoulder problems, and I thought that’s why you don’t come close to taking a full swing.”

I had no idea what kind of swing I was taking, because I had never seen it before.

So I asked him to film it.

Watching my swing makes me never want to play golf again.