Subtly ignored

Elysha and I enjoy Five Guys Burgers and Fries quite a bit. Actually, we like the burgers a lot but no longer order the fries. They’re okay, but nothing great.

But since everything is cooked in peanut oil and they offer free peanuts from boxes positioned around the restaurant, we cannot take our peanut-allergic daughter there for lunch.

It’s like a death-trap for anyone with a peanut allergy.

Still, we love the place and look forward to opportunities to eat there.

But one thing bothers me:

The amount of self-congratulatory advertising that they plaster over their walls.

image image

It borders on ego-maniacal, and it seems fairly pointless.

We’re already in the restaurant, eating your food. At that point, just make sure the food is excellent and we’ll come back for more. This is the kind of advertising that one uses to bring customers in the door.

It’s not supposed to be used to assault our senses once we are inside.

In fact, it strikes me as slightly under-confident, which in my mind is one of the worst things a business can be.