Wouldn’t you rather watch me clip my toenails?

MSNBC will run twenty hours of royal wedding coverage on the day that what’s-his-name and what’s-her-name get married. My initial reaction was disgust at a news agency for turning itself into the royal wedding channel for a day, appealing to one of the basest groups of people in American society:

People who find another nation’s figurehead royalty compelling.

They are right up there with people who think they can pick their noses while driving and not be seen and people who purchase sweatpants for their thirteen year old daughters with the word Juicy splashed across the butt.

But then I realized that this is not the fault of MSNBC. It is the fault of every viewer who turns to MSNBC that day to watch the wall-to-wall coverage of the meaningless wedding of two strangers in a foreign land that has no bearing on their lives.

I can’t fault MSNBC for seeing an opportunity and making a buck.

If I believed that people would pay to watch me clip my toenails, I would launch a live stream right now and start collecting credit card numbers.

And that might just be more entertaining than this royal shindig.

It’s boring enough watching my friends get married. If people are willing to invest their precious time in watching strangers in another country tie the knot, I say bully for you, MSNBC.

Shoot for the least common denominator and you are sure to hit a hell of a lot of people.