Her very own sidekick! She must be stopped!

One of my daughter’s favorite songs is The Beatles’ “Her Majesty.” When it comes time for my wife to sing to her at night before bed, she asks for this song a lot, referring to it as the “nice girl” song. Leave it to my wife to teach my daughter about one of the few Beatles’ songs to which I am not familiar.

And not through any fault of my own.

"Her Majesty" is the final track of The Beatles’ album, Abbey Road, appearing fourteen seconds after the song "The End" and unlisted on the album’s original jacket.

As such, it is considered one of the first examples of a hidden track in rock music.

And as such, it tends to be one of the more obscure Beatles songs.

As a wedding DJ and music lover, there was a time in my life when I was the most knowledgeable person in my social circle when it came to music. A song came on the radio and I would be the first one to name the title and artist.

In a time before apps like Shazam could analyze and identify music in seconds, I was the next best thing.

Then my wife came along with her savant-like musical abilities. In second, she had made my knowledge of music seem trivial and insignificant.

Elysha is the Rain Man of music, and she’s annoyingly humble and dismissive about this near superhuman power.

And now she’s teaching my daughter about hidden Beatles tracks when there are literally hundreds of better known songs that Clara would equally enjoy.

I’ll tell you what she’s doing:

She’s creating another musical savant right under my nose.

It’s not enough that she has so thoroughly undermined my area of expertise. Before she’s finished, she’ll have my daughter snickering at my piddly excuse for musical knowledge.

With enough training, she could probably get Clara to name songs before they are even played on the radio.

She’ll have my daughter correctly predicting radio station playlists before they are even played.

My wife is creating a sidekick.

A Robin to her Batman.

I wish it were for nefarious purposes, because this is where I want to say, “She must be stopped!”

Except that Elysha doesn’t have a nefarious bone in her body.

So annoying.