Me? Or a muzzled version of me?

Over the past three days, I have been keeping track of the number of ideas, thoughts and feelings that I was unable to share because doing so might have hurt the feelings of a friend or family member. The total: 19

This includes three blog posts that I cannot write.

I find this frustrating.

Equally frustrating is the number of friends and/or family members to whom the three blog posts and the majority of the 19 thoughts, feeling and ideas might offend:

The total: 3

So I’m left wondering:

Are these three friends and/or family members more easily offended than most, or are they more prone to saying and doing things that I am likely to find reason to criticize, mock or poke fun at?

Unfortunately, I think the answer is both.

And while I have no desire to offend these people, because they are legitimately people who I want in my life, I find it exceedingly difficult to muzzle myself for their benefit.

And so I’m also left wondering:

Would these likely-to-offend friends and/or family prefer that refrain from remarks that might be critical or hurtful to them, or would they prefer that I just be myself and express all ideas and opinions absent of any filter?

Would they want to know what I genuinely think, or would they argue that ignorance is bliss?

In short, do they want me to be me or a less-than-authentic version of me?

On a positive note, my wife did not account for a single one of these 19 instances over the past three days.

I clearly married the right woman.