The Rapture. Part II.

Oh good.  Just when I thought I would have to wait years for another Rapture prediction comes word that the next one is just around the corner. 

Harold Camping, the minister responsible for last weekend’s prediction, announced that the Rapture began on May 21, just in a “spiritual” and not “physical” way.

“But it won’t be spiritual on October 21,” Camping said.

Almost sounds the like the tagline to a movie trailer.  Doesn’t it?

So when October 12 comes and goes and the world has not been consumed by a fireball, what will Camping’s next excuse be?

“The Rapture continues, just not in a spiritual way anymore.  Now it’s emotional.  Or financial.  Or technical. Or transcendental. Or metaphorical. Or cosmological. Or nutritional.”

It could be decades before he runs out of excuses.

Let’s just hope that no one is stupid enough to rid themselves of their worldly possessions and quit their jobs again.

Fool me once, I’m an idiot.  At least when it comes to Rapture predictions.  Fool me twice, shame on me.   

Either way, it’s good news for me, as I will have a second chance at the prank that I forgot about last weekend.        

When it comes to the Rapture, I have always believed that more is more.