Too much information prior to peeing

This was the sign on the door of a restroom that I used today. image

While the sentiment seems a little extreme (Wash your hands or die!), I was more concerned with the sheer amount of information that the sign contained. Did the hand washing zealot who hung up this sign really expect people to stop at the restroom door and read the thing in its entirety?

All 28 bullet points?

Wouldn’t the first four bullet points have been more than sufficient?

Isn’t this a case of less being more?

The most intriguing of the bullet points are the eleven under the heading “When should you wash your hands?”

What could this zealot have been thinking?

The person who actually takes the time to read this sign, in addition to being clinically insane, is about to use the restroom. Does he or she really need to be warned about the importance of washing your hands prior to preparing food or handling uncooked poultry?

The purpose of the sign, I presume, is to remind people to wash their hands after using the restroom.

Shouldn’t we save reminders about handling food, animal waste and sewage for a more relevant time? A time when food, animal waste and sewage might come into play?