General maintenance required

Is it acceptable to call your doctor for an appointment under the heading of general maintenance?

At last count, the following issues require medical attention:

  • Two distinctly painful knee problems
  • A foot problem (possible Plantar fasciitis)
  • A shoulder problem
  • A blocked ear

I’ve been waiting for my school year to end before making an appointment, and as a result, the issues have begun piling up.  In fact, I suspect that the foot pain is a direct result of the knee issue. 

But I’m worried that I’m going to come across as a lunatic hypochondriac if I arrive at the office with this litany of problems.

And the sad thing is I have a list almost as long for my dog, for whom I have also been waiting to make an appointment. 

Perhaps I should prioritize my problems and make one appointment per month for the next five months until all my problems have been addressed.

Though I suspect that this could make me look even crazier.