Old school with a fever

When my daughter was an infant, it was not uncommon for her to fall asleep atop my wife. It happened almost every day at one point or another. But that hasn’t happened in a long time, and Clara has reached the point that she likes her crib and asks to be put inside it at night.

As a result, we suspected that those days of napping atop Elysha might be over.

Then Clara got sick last weekend, and while I was out playing 18 holes of golf, Elysha remained home to take care of our baby.

And this happened:

image image image image

Cute. Right?

Elysha thought so, too.

During the first hour of the nap.

Then she was reminded that a napping baby lying across your chest can quickly become more of an endurance sport as the minutes tick away and become hours.

Trapped in the chair with no one home to help, things can get difficult.

Somewhere around hour number two of the nap, I received this text while on the golf course:

Elysha: I’m thirsty!

And then this:

Elysha: Should I drink this?

Accompanied by this photo:


And then:

Elysha: Hmmm….

And then:

Elysha: Drank it.

Desperate measures for a desperate woman.

In fact, there were quite a few days when I felt similarly trapped, and when (despite its sheer level of disgustingness) I would have happily strapped on a Stadium Pal in order to avoid the extreme discomfort of nature's call.