Pure genius!

My two-year old just made her first text-to-self connection. Teachers will understand how big a deal this is.

My wife was reading her Make Way for Ducklings, and tonight they read the section of the book in which the father duck says goodbye to the mother duck as he prepares for a week long trip up the river.

A few minutes later, the book was closed and I kissed Clara goodnight.

“Goodnight, Daddy,” she said. Then, as I opened the bedroom door, she added, “Goodbye, Daddy.”

My wife and I gave each other a puzzled look, having never heard her offer me a goodbye before, and then Clara reminded us of the way that “Daddy Duck say goodbye to Mommy Duck” in the book.

There you have it. A text-to-self connection.

I am going to totally tease the students in my class who still struggle with this concept from time to time.

My two-year old is crushing this literacy strand.