I only enjoy reality television when it’s imported from Korea

I haven’t watched any of these singing or talent shows since the first season of American Idol, but this clip from the Korean version of one of those shows is pretty stunning despite the language barrier and subtitles. Sometimes a story is so compelling that it surpasses any differences in language and culture.

And it reminds me of a saying that I have that goes something like this:

If you’re struggling with a a difficult situation and feeling like your problems are getting the better of you, get in your car and take a long drive. Before long you’ll come across some road kill. When you do, remind yourself that your life is still better than that mangled critter on the road.  Then drive home and get back to work solving your problems.

I actually take this advice quite often.

But if road kill makes your stomach queasy, you can watch this clip instead and remind yourself that even the most difficult of situations can be overcome with hard work and persistence.