New business idea: Rorschach tee-shirts

My daughter does not know what a ninja is yet, nor is she able to discern the face embedded in my Ask a Ninja tee-shirt. Instead, she sees three separate  blobs of white ink, and whenever I wear the shirt, she will stare at it until she has decided what the three blobs are. Most recently, she declared them to be (left to right) a fish, a tree and a sailboat.

But it changes every time she sees the shirt.


And I kind of love it. I am fascinated by the challenge that it presents to her creativity, and I can’t wait to hear what she will see next in those blobs.

Which leads me to my new business idea:

Rorschach-like tee-shirts for the parents of infants and toddlers.

In an effort to stimulate creativity and encourage a child to make connections and generalizations with the real world, I would produce a series of tee-shirts with Rorschach-like images for parents to wear when with their little ones.

Rather than inundating your child with brand names or your sports allegiances or even floral patterns, why not give your child something to think about?  Puzzle over.  Invent.

What do you think ?

A billion dollar idea?

Or maybe just a million?